Ukitig – your industry expert

Ukitig specializes in industrial piping, but we also offer repair and maintenance services for industrial and production plants. Whether a yearly contract, work that lasts a few days or large projects, we can meet your needs. From our offices in Uusikaupunki and Oulu, we operate both in Finland and the Nordic countries.

Expertise in steel since 1982

Founded in 1982, Ukitig serves as a partner in industrial projects, whether it is industrial pipeline projects, equipment installations, manufacturing and installation of pressure equipment, or steel structures. We have the expertise you need. We are accustomed to working in both new projects and existing production facilities. We serve customers in many industries, such as energy production and water treatment plants.

  • For the forest industry
  • For the food industry
  • For the mining and metal industry
  • For the chemical and pharmaceutical industry

Industrial projects

We deliver turnkey pipeline projects to different industrial sectors, including materials, prefabrication, transportation, and installation to various locations.

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Maintenance and upkeep

Interested in our maintenance and repair services? We can meet diverse needs, whether it’s a long-term contract, a short-term job, or an extensive annual maintenance project.

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Project Management and Supervision

Did you know that we also serve in other project-related tasks, such as project management, work planning, supervision, and procurement?

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