Lahti Energia Oy (2018-2019)

Ukitig’s contract in the building of the Kymijärvi III power plant of Lahti Energia included the supply and installation of low pressure piping system, pipe bridges and walkways as well as the dismantling of old structures. This project involved supplying 210,000 tonnes of carbon and stainless steel piping, 45,000 tonnes of primary and secondary supports and 120,000 tonnes of steel structures and pipe bridges. Ukitig was able to meet customer’s and authorities’ demands thanks to its comprehensive project management skills and extensive documentation of quality and safety issues.

Valio Oy, Riihimäki (2016-2017)

Valio Oy’s milk processing plant located in Riihimäki, constructed a whole new production plant next to the old dairy. The new factory produces solely snacks. Ukitig was involved in this project as a manufacturer and installer of pipelines and chemical processing lines in the the factory. This project took around two and half years and 15 kilometres of pipeline was installed during that time.

Orbital welding was used in the manufacturing of piping. Ukitig also installed equipments this project.

Fermion Oy, Hanko (2016-2017)

Fermion Oy expanded their pharmaceutical factory located in Hanko. Ukitig took part in creating the factory’s pipe installations and pre-manufactured and installed holders. 24 kilometres of pipeline was installed during 2016 and 2017. The pipeline installed was mainly acidproof- and bendable material. The contract also included installation of plastic pipes as well condoning the pipes, this was done by subcontracting. In this project, solely the number of vents installed was 3500.

What made this project particularly challenging, was narrowness of the worksite and also other contractors working at the same time.

ExxonMobil Finland Oy, Naantali (2013-2015)

Between 2013 and 2015 ExxonMobil Finland’s oil refinery ordered new pipelines, equipment installation and dispatching of a pipeline bridge.

Because of increasing production, we installed 23 kilometres of pipeline to the refinery. For both old and new premises.

This project was executed in continuing and proficient liaison with the client. The installation of huge pipeline bridges between existing containers had to be done with extreme accuracy, taking into account work safety.

The project also included installation of 15 pump booths for both old and new premises.

Because of the extremely tight safety acts for oil refineries, our attitude towards work safety ascended to a whole new level.

Lahti Energia Oy (2010-2011)

In the years 2010 and 2011, Ukitig put into effect the manufacture and installation of high pressure- and utility pipelines in Lahti Energia’s gasification plant. Including installation of feed water pumps and other appliances. We also created the natural gas pipings for the plant.

Project plan was approved by a quality control service company.

Ukitig has comprehensive experience in manufacturing and installing demanding pipelines. In this project we were specially acknowledged because of our professional project documentation.