Industrial piping and so much more

Ukitig specializes in demanding industrial piping projects as well as providing maintenance and repair services for industrial and production facilities. Our services are trusted by customers in the forest, food, mining, chemical, metal and pharmaceutical industries, as well as in energy production and water treatment plants.

Expertise in the industrial sector

We provide turnkey industrial piping systems to various industries, including materials, prefabrication, transportation and installation for all types of facilities. Our experts can manufacture a variety of pipelines, such as process pipings, steam-, high- and low pressure pipings and more. Our experts know how to meet your exacting plans and other possible requirements.

Repair and maintenance service

Industrial repair and maintenance work is a growing and developing part of our operations. Maintenance personnel can be ordered on site if necessary, but in some cases, Ukitig’s professionals are always present. We have an experienced team that performs these tasks cost-effectively and reliably. Our maintenance procedures are of the highest safety standards in the field.

Custom piping solutions

Ukitig is the right-sized partner for you. We serve our customers regardless of the scope of the project, from individual small repairs to the supply of process pipelines and equipment installations for entire production facilities. Whether in the field or in our in-house production shops, Ukitg stands ready to provide custom solutions for all your industrial piping needs safely and efficiently.

Certified systems

Ukitig has a certified SFS-EN ISO 9001 quality system and SFS-EN ISO 3834-2 standard welding quality control system. Our welders and welding operators are qualified with the standards of SFS-EN ISO 9606-1 and SFS-EN ISO 14732. Our employees as well as our welding methods (including piping equipment) are certified by the directive (2014/68/EU) up to class III.

Years of experience
Million in revenue
Completed projects
Different welding methods

Where we’ve operated globally

Ukitig was born more than 40 years ago. Since that time, our reputation as the trustede partner in industry has only grown stronger. Our offices are located in Southern Finland in Uusikapunki and in Northern Finland in Oulu. We choose our production space according to the requirements of the project at hand. In addition to Finland, our operations cover the Nordic countries.

Industrial projects

We deliver turnkey pipeline projects to different industrial sectors, including materials, prefabrication, transportation, and installation to various locations.

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Maintenance and upkeep

Interested in our maintenance and repair services? We can meet diverse needs, whether it’s a long-term contract, a short-term job, or an extensive annual maintenance project.

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Project Management and Supervision

Did you know that we also serve in other project-related tasks, such as project management, work planning, supervision, and procurement?

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