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At Ukitig, we specialize in tackling challenging industrial piping projects. Our expertise includes manufacturing a wide range of pipeline types to suit various industries, from process piping to chemical industry piping. Alongside on-site installations in factories and industrial plants, we also pre-fabricate pipelines in our workshop. In addition to our pipeline services, we provide material and equipment deliveries, as well as deliveries of steel structures.

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Industrial pipe and machine shop services

Ukitig is a reliable partner in industrial projects, providing turnkey solutions with customized pipelines for various industries. Our pipelines are always made-to-measure, with a strong focus on safety and quality. We manufacture, inspect, and document industrial pipelines in accordance with the customer’s requirements and standard SFS-EN 13480. Alongside pipelines, we offer material and equipment deliveries, as well as steel structure deliveries. Our welding expertise includes numerous methods such as shielded metal arc welding (111), tungsten inert gas welding (141), and orbital welding (TIG). We also conduct 80 welding procedure tests for various materials.

  • Process and utility pipelines
  • Steam, high-pressure, and low-pressure pipelines
  • Food and chemical industry pipelines
  • Coated pipelines and Mapress pipelines

Piping and equipment installations

Are you looking for a reliable and experienced installation service that provides customer-oriented and professional solutions for all types of installation needs? Look no further than Ukitig! We provide an extensive range of piping and equipment installation services that cover everything from the installation of pumps, heat exchangers, and large valves to more complex projects. Our team of skilled installers operate across the Nordic countries and are available whenever you require their expertise. Whether you have an installation project that forms part of a larger undertaking or a single installation job that needs to be completed swiftly, we are always here to help.

  • Experienced installation and welding personnel
  • Strong and professional project management
  • Projects > 100 personnel
  • Revenue > 15 million euros

Would you like a quote for your project?

To get started, simply send your request for a quotation to tarjouslaskenta@ukitig.fi. In your request, please include key details about your project, such as its scope, duration, and required services.

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Maintenance and upkeep

Interested in our maintenance and repair services? We can meet diverse needs, whether it’s a long-term contract, a short-term job, or an extensive annual maintenance project.

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Project management and supervision

Did you know that we also serve in other project-related tasks, such as project management, work planning, supervision, and procurement?

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